Extra: Playful Lesson Example

Extra: Playful Lesson Example

Below you can watch examples of our playful lesson activities, filmed in a kindergarten in Finland. At the end of each video, there is an explanation on the language pedagogy and other skills that children practice with the game shown in the video. There are videos of each section of the playful lesson: one video of Circle Time, two videos of the Theme section, and one video of the Goodbye section.

Circle Time

This section starts the lesson. The teacher and children sit in a circle on the floor and do activities together. This is a good way to begin: every child gets the opportunity to be heard and seen, and everyone will feel that they are a part of the group.


In this section, the group goes through the theme and related language in a versatile way.


This section ends the lesson. The Goodbye rhyme is familiar to the children and it helps end the lesson on a positive note.

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